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In this lesson we will learn about the dangers of drugs and alcoholism, how one becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol, and especially how to cure addiction to drugs and alcoholism.We will also see that any kind of addiction, whether related to drugs, alcohol, games, prostitution, etc., can be radically cured.When we say heal radically we are referring to eliminating the psychological causes of addiction, which is very different from just as usually occurs, suppressing addiction, which leaves the person vulnerable to relapse. PNB

The Addiction

Any kind of addiction is due to our psychological defects, our selves.These selves stay alive and feed each time we give in to addiction, whether it’s smoking a cigarette, ingesting alcohol or using some other type of narcotic or hallucinogenic substance.Although not specifically addressed here, other vices such as gambling, prostitution, etc., have the same cause, effect, and solution.The most serious is that whenever it is fed the ego is getting stronger and with this has greater power of control over the addict, acting in his psyche and in his organism, forcing this poor person to fall back into drug addiction and thus become this defect.It is easy to conclude that this is becoming a “snowball”, a problem that was initially small turns into something totally uncontrolled.That is why people become addicted only by experiencing few amounts at first because they believe they can quit the drug addiction as soon as they like.This is a big mistake, for even with these small quantities the psychological defect is already created and nurtured, and very slowly it grows stronger and evolves its victim until it has control over that person.When the person realizes the problem, the addiction is already very strong.


Alcohol addiction has terrible consequences for the addict. In addition to known maladies ranging from cirrhosis to liver cancer, alcohol is also disastrous for the psychological side.The most dangerous thing is that alcohol is treated as something sociable, always present in meetings, parties, celebrations and even within homes, without distinction of social class.The following transcribe some excerpts from the book The Mystery of the Golden Flush:
“It is clear and clear that alcohol tends to eliminate the ability to think independently, as it inevitably stimulates fantasy, and to judge calmly, as it does, awesomely, weakens ethical sense and individual freedom.The dictators of all time, tyrants do not ignore that it is easier to rule and enslave a people of drunkards than a people of abstainers.It is also well known that in a state of drunkenness one can make a person accept any suggestion and perform acts against his decorum and moral sense. The influence of alcohol on crimes is too evident, so there is a need to insist on it.”

Drug Addiction.

The problem of drugs is another scourge that affects humanity, especially youth.Gigantic sums have been invested, but neither governments nor science can find a solution to the problem that is becoming more serious every day and affects all classes.Only as we will learn in this lesson can we solve this problem in a radical and definitive way.The problem of addiction is internal and psychological and must be tackled in this field.The effects of the drug are as devastating as that of alcohol, but its damage is felt much earlier.